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The Fitting Room

It’s time to quit day dreaming about that infamous Comfort Made Sexy…  No more lounging around, let’s find your perfect Lounge Fit.

Girls, we’ve done everything we can to make measuring up as simple and easy for you as possible. You can now find your fit in less than 60 seconds.

Stay comfy on your sofa and enter The Fitting Room.

Find your Lounge Fit

Kristina Mendonca


Lounge Size

34C or a Medium

Favourite Set

The Khaki Balcony!

Song that best describes Nat

Taylor Swift - Shake it Off!

If you could look back at your younger self what would you tell her?

Have fun! Eat all the chocolate you want - because you’re young! You have like no responsibilities. That’s the only thing I could say. I was a pretty good child (not trying to sound vein)… but i didn’t really get up to much mischief. I had fun obviously like every little young child does - but besides that I would just be like - eat all the food you want because your metabolism is great!!

What are your thoughts on influencers impact on young women?

I think influencers do have a big impact on younger girls… so I hope all of you know that a lot of us Facetune - we smooth our skin - photographers can smooth skin. So what you see on instagram isn’t always true. Sometimes I’ll post a happy photo of me laughing and being in a bikini on a beach… but deep down I’m fighting with my boyfriend. So just always remember everything you see on instagram is not always true!

Was there anything growing up that you felt insecure about?

To be honest I always felt insecure about how tall I was. I was taller than all the boys in school - all my girlfriends - all my friends… everyone! But now I’ve just learned to embrace it. I wear like super high heels when I go out and I’m like ten feet taller than everyone else… so I’ve just learnt to get over it!

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