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The Fitting Room

It’s time to quit day dreaming about that infamous Comfort Made Sexy…  No more lounging around, let’s find your perfect Lounge Fit.

Girls, we’ve done everything we can to make measuring up as simple and easy for you as possible. You can now find your fit in less than 60 seconds.

Stay comfy on your sofa and enter The Fitting Room.

Find your Lounge Fit

Meet Alice

Lounge Legends


Alice, 25, influencer and proud advocate for the importance of checking your breasts due to recent experiences.

“Around 4 years ago, I found a lump in my right breast and yeah… I was quite lazy with getting it checked, I kind of assumed it was nothing. I think just like every young person, life just gets busy…”

“I think I started getting so terrified that i didn’t want to go and get checked almost, because it was such a scary thing for me…”

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Meet Olivia

Lounge Legend Olivia


Meet Rebecca

Lounge Legend Rebecca


Meet Dizzy

Lounge Legend Dizzy


Meet Angel

Lounge Legend Angel


Meet Nicky

Lounge Legend Nicky


Meet Leanne

Lounge Legend Leanne


Meet Georgie

Lounge Legend Georgie


Meet Shannon

Lounge Legend Shannon


Meet Em

Lounge Legend Em


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