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Mar 19, 2020

Did you hear!?

We’re turning 4!

No, we’re not kidding. We loved our first year, grew through the terrible twos, made some big steps when turning three, and now we’re nearing our 4th Birthday Celebration…

And it’s safe to say, we’re excited!

Turning 4 is definitely going to be a BIG ONE for us... (and for you!)

Why you!?

Well frankly, it is you, our incredible community of Loungers that have helped us hit this incredible milestone, so naturally, it is with you that we choose to celebrate… and we could think of no better way than treating you to ONE HELL OF A BIRTHDAY SALE!

Want to know more!?

Well, you’re in the right place.

We’re about to fill you with all the inside info, all the nooks and crannies, tricks and best tested advice to ensure you know how to beat the sale!

If you’ve been lounging with us from the early days, or even since Lounge Lights Out 2019, you’ll definitely know by now that our Female Family goes a little bit nuts over a Lounge Sale. After all, we only do this twice a year - and when we do, well, we GO BIG.

So, let’s stop the chitter chatter, and get right to it.

When does it all go down!?

The celebration officially begins on Tuesday 24th March, @ 7PM GMT.

Take a moment to set that alarm!

**Oh, and turn on post notifications on @loungeunderwear (that’s where we pinky promise to keep you informed on just about everything)!

Aaaand, just one. more. thing.

Head hereright now (and then come back again, obviously!)

To remain totally in the know on all the celebrations, fill in your details on the above page (by clicking here), so we can text you a GO GO GO! note, as soon as the sale goes live!

Pssst. The website will be on lock down from 12PM (midday) GMT. So if you want to prep in more ways that one, make sure you do before then… Keep reading!

How long do you have to shop ‘til you drop?

Our Birthday celebrations run from 24th March all the way through to 31st March.

(**the sale will now be ending on Sunday 29th March at midnight GMT due to unprecedented demand. We appreciate your understanding.)

And, like a true fairytale, the party comes to an end at midnight GMT! So make sure you’re prepared, and don't do a Cinderella and leave something important behind!

This is your chance to fill your underwear drawer with all of your favourites with upto 70% off!

Wait - rewind!

Did we just say UPTO 70% OFF!?

Yes… yes we did!

Is creating a Wishlist a good idea to beat the sale!?


This is one way to get a head start… and now your brain is connecting the dots and understanding why filling your Wishlist before 12PM GMT is so. very. Important.

Log in to your Loungers account, and make sure you add all your faves to your wishlist in good time.

That Lounge Triangle Set you’ve had your eye on… on the Wishlist it goes.

Bottoms galore from our Bottoms Only Collection!? No brainer!

Apparel overload for Sunday lounging - we won't tell if you don't!

And girls - another top tip! Do not forget the Outlet! (how could you!?). The Outlet will see even bigger discounts, **who knew that was possible, right!? So make sure you Wishlist all those beautiful Swims and get yourself Summer ready at the same time.

Game changing… we know!

What other top tips do we have in store?

Let us just reel off a few things we think you need to know to beat the sale… without keeping you here all day!

1. Don’t forget about trusty Klarna and/or AfterPay. Klarna is calling your name if you’re in the UK, Germany or the Netherlands - your best payment friend to help you fulfil all your Lounge wishes and desires. And, of course, AfterPay is available for all of our Loungers down under in Aus and the USA too! (If we don't offer these payment methods for you right now, we promise we’re working on it! - please don’t be disheartened)

2. Never shopped with us before but want to make the most of our 4th Birthday Sale!? Head over to The Fitting Room to ensure you find your perfect fit with no ifs or buts when clicking that ‘complete your order button’. If you are purchasing on behalf of a certain someone special, feel free to check our sizing guide on our website to avoid any incorrect sizes!

3. Still reading!?... well now you’re in for the real treat! All we can say is, be around on Sunday 29th at 7PM GMT for something extra special. Note… it’s not further discounts - we like to keep things fair for all of our customers… it’s something much, much more exciting than that!

And well, that signs off our advice on how to beat the sale!

Feeling pumped and prepped!?

We hope so!

For more information on FAQs for Lounge Sales, get your click on.


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