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5 things you didnt know about your boobs

May 04, 2019

Ladies, do you think you know everything there is to know about your boobs?

Well, we may be here to prove you wrong...
Big or small, love them or hate them... our boobs can often be a hot topic in today's world, so let's make sure you've got the facts.  
We all spend every day and night with our boobs. Like best friends, we never leave each other out, and three is definitely never a crowd!
Research shows there may be a few things that we just don't know about our boobs, that maybe we should pay a little extra attention to.
So let's go back to the basics...
Let's do a little "getting to know me" session with our boobs, and maybe rethink a few breast-life choices.
Here are 5 facts that you may never have known:
1. On average, women change their bra size at least 6 times in their lifetime...
Boobs are sensitive, a little like us ladies. They can change size significantly over your lifetime, directly affected by your weight loss or weight gain, when we're menstruating and going through ovulation, and let's not forget pregnancy.
We need to take care of our breasts, make sure we're wearing comfortable and supportive bras that hug our boobs in their times of need!
 2. Most of us have a blessed 'leftie'
The experts say that 65% of women have a larger left breast than their right. Weird we know, but due to our immune system being more sensitive on our left side, we find that tissue on the left of our body is plumped, causing the left breast to sometimes be a little perkier and rounder than the right.
So don't forget that sometimes a specific cup size might be comfortable for your right breast, but a little bit of a squeeze for your left, and choosing a more relaxed bra fit and shape could come in handy at our sensitive times of the month. Let your bra fit seamlessly to your body with soft fabrics and elastics that allow your boobs room to grow or shrink depending on how they're feeling at that particular moment. Take a look at a relaxed and comfortable bra such as Lounge Triangle, and show your body some love.
 3. 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size
We think we know our boobs quite well right!? Because after all, we've lived with them since we blossomed into young women (maybe even sooner), and we feel we have taken good care of them during their times of need.
Well, unbelievably 80% of us are choosing the wrong bra size, which could be damaging our breast tissue, with unnecessary underwire digging in where it shouldn't be...
We know that ladies sometimes like to give themselves a boost to spruce up a girls night out, but remember to handle your breasts with care and check your bra size regularly to ensure you find the best fit for you. 
4. Boobs are fascinating.
According to a study where men and women were fitted with an eye-tracking device, both men and women were both more attracted to a women's boobs, instead of her face. The only slight difference is that men lingered for longer.
5. You shouldn't sleep on your cushions, no matter how big or small!
Boobs might be comfortable, but they are not to be slept on. Experts say that it is better for us ladies to sleep on our back or side, as when we sleep on our chest every night, we can change the shape of our breasts.

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