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A Letter To Stretch Marks And Why We're Saying, Thank You

Feb 19, 2020
Dear Stretch Marks,

We’re sorry for ever disliking you.

We didn’t mean it.

We take back all the hateful things we ever said about you. We take back the hours spent staring in the mirror, acting as though you were the worst thing in the world.

You weren’t. You aren’t. You are far from it.

We know now, you are there for so many reasons. You’re there because we grew taller, we shrunk smaller, we changed shape, we lost weight, we gained it, our boobs got bigger, our hips got wider, we had a baby, and you’re there as a reminder…

A reminder that our beautiful bodies do incredible things. They carry us, stick with us, and they always forgive us, because sometimes, we forget to love them.

So thank you stretch marks, for being an incredible reminder of the body I am in, and how much it has changed for me; how it has adapted, overcome, and carried me.

We promise to always love you and your lighting white lines.

Your perfect pink strokes.

We promise to always love ourselves and the bodies we are in, because we know, there’s no other like it.

Love, Lounge x

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