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Dec 09, 2019

Christmas is fast-approaching, and we seriously hope you are as excited as we are at Lounge!?

Since we’re feeling incredibly festive and we love our #FemaleFamily, we figured it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t surprise you with a little something…
Also, it’s Blogmas, and we wanted in on the action. 
We’re a little like Father Christmas, just without the beard… and we’re most probably wearing the Red Blossom Balcony Bra & Thong.
If you’re not feeling overly festive, we’re pretty sure this little giveaway will help lift those suppressed Christmas spirits. 
We’re giving you and a friend the chance to win our surprise Christmas launch… before it’s even launched! And trust us, this is one you do not want to miss.
Now then, we’re certain you’re currently wondering how you could possibly win this surprise giveaway?
Well, all we ask is that you comment below with your favourite Christmas memory, your Instagram or Twitter handle (please specify which you are using), and the flag emoji of where you are from. Please only comment once. 
We’ll start…
"Our favourite Christmas memory is when we swapped houses for the holidays and met Jude Law, the love of our life. (Instagram) @loungeunderwear 🇬🇧"
Erm. We may have been watching too many Christmas movies. 
The winner will be announced on the 23rd of December and we will contact you via Direct Message on your chosen social account. Don’t forget to pick your lucky friend in advance! 

Back to #MyLoungeLife


Danah Pham — Dec 23, 2019

my favourite christmas memory would have to be the memory of spending christmas with my family every year and being able to cherish this wonderful holiday together :))) and eating the yummy food hehe
instagram: danah.pham
country: aus 🇦🇺

Jessica — Dec 23, 2019

Eating so much food I have a tactical Christmas Day snooze. (Every Christmas since born) 🍒🎂🍷🥗 @jessicacommins 🇦🇺

Kali Yates — Dec 23, 2019

My favourite christmas memory is when me and my family went away with our family friends to Nowra. My auntie is a wildlife conservationist and she had a kangaroo Joey (Cassius) in her care who was an absolute ratbag. In the same night he managed to eat “Santa’s” cookies, ripped open some of the presents and also pushed the Christmas tree over. Instagram @kaliyates12 🇦🇺 (AUS)

Kiahny Cooper — Dec 20, 2019

Kiahny_cooper (Instagram)- 🇦🇺

My favourite Christmas memory is hrowing up each year with a 5m tall real Christmas tree that arrived fresh on the 15th of December each year we had to bring in the ladder to decorate as it was to tall. Of course we had Christmas carols by the one and only Michael buble playing in the background and the incredible smell of the fresh Christmas tree spread throughout the entire house.

Paige Hitchcock — Dec 20, 2019

My favorite Christmas memory is when my whole family, plus my mums side of the family, stayed at my grandparents house by the beach ( we called it tent city because of how many tents there were). We had Nerf wars and water balloon/ watergun fights in the back garden. We spent the afternoon at the beach and then had a massive roast dinner all together. We then proceeded to have a lot of desert and dance for the rest of the night. 🇳🇿 (NZ) Instagram: @paigehitchcock

Jamie Broderick — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite xmas memory is dressing our Labrador up as Rudolph for the day And enjoying a family bbq Christmas lunch with all my family around. @jamiebroderick 🇦🇺

Cajsa — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is when after Christmas dinner, me and my family got in the hot tub outside in the snow. And my boyfriend from Australia experienced falling snow for the first time (as we were in the hot tub) it was pretty adorable haha. Instagram @cajsathelander 🇸🇪

Tori Poidevin — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was probably when I watched my mum get up for Christmas really early and going to the kitchen to prepare our festive meals herself, making sure everything we needed was purchased and then I travelled to go see my dad and nan for Christmas it was really special. Hopefully this Christmas nanna is enjoying her time up in heaven❤️

Holly Bonin — Dec 20, 2019

My best / favourite Christmas memory was the first Christmas with my boyfriend. He got my this pretty little silver necklace and I’ve been so in love with it since then

Mikaela — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is the lunch we do every year with mums side of the family, I love seeing my little cousins so happy on Christmas
Instagram- @mikaelamullen_

Aaliyah Aziz — Dec 20, 2019

@aaliyah.2407 (insta)

Aaliyah — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is the time I experienced my first ever white Christmas! It had always been a dream of mine and it turned out to be most magical time that I’ll never forget 😍❄️🎄✨ @aaliyah.2407 🇦🇺

Natasha Byrne — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite memory is when my boyfriend and I just started dating and he took me around all the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne so I could see all the Christmas lights in the area. He finished at this huge display that you could actually walk through and kissed me under the mistletoe lights 🎄(Instagram) @tashbyrne 🇦🇺

Ashleigh — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was eating my great grandmothers chicken broth soup and dancing in the living room to Michael Bublé 🍜 💃🏼 (Instagram: ashykateeeee)

Crystal Sinclair — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was last year (my bf’s and I first Christmas together) being over the Christmas period. We were with all of our family, and then we’d be binging so many Christmas movies. It was amazing and So special!! :) instagram (crystaljsinclair) 🇦🇺

Crystal Sinclair — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite memory was spending the Christmas holiday period last year with my bf (our first Christmas) we had all of our family around, and we’re binge watching all Christmas movies of a night. It was so special and exciting!! :)) Instagram (@crystaljsinclair)

Emily — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was when it started to snow in Australia on Christmas Day and I finally got to see snow for the first time. Instagram: @emilyrodwell_ 🇦🇺

Macy Bell — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was when my parents surprised me with a new phone right near the end of handing out all of the presents. And then I got to see my whole family, even my relatives from different states! It was the bestest day ever! (Instagram) @macy.bell17 🇦🇺

Emily Cross-Williams — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is when my whole family got together for a Christmas lunch, it’s rare for all of us too spend Christmas together so it was such a special memory for me. Family is so important and I would love to spend every Christmas with them if I could. Instagram- emilyy.144 🇦🇺

Tee Hicks — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite memory is when my family from Australia came to the uk to visit us. My mum had a gorgeous winter wedding a week before christmas, we all got to celebrate christmas together, then 2 days after christmas we all went skiing in Italy. It was perfect and nice to be altogether!!!🇬🇧
Instagram – @teehicks_

Christine Davies — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is my dad putting half eaten carrots out on the porch. A friend of mine had spoiled the fact that Santa wasn’t real- but I didn’t realise that meant the reindeer weren’t either.
So I love that memory ❤️
IG: @christinephilippa

Becky — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was when I was about 10. I don’t have a big family so we just have dinner at home each year with the family that lives close to me but I got the best surprise my city family came down for Christmas I had the best surprise that year. Australia 🇦🇺 Insta @becky_ross19

Sarah — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite memory is when my best friend and I decided to drive to an empty parking lot and grab our snacks and have those deep conversations about life and the universe while gazing at the stars. It was my favourite and most memorable one we then grabbed a mini projector and watched Elf ❤️
Love her to bits xx
@Svbkre 🇦🇺

Georgia Dolling — Dec 20, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is from when my little brother was really little and he wanted to sleep in my bed with me on Christmas Eve so we could stay up and catch Santa together (little did he know I was supposed to be Santa’s helper setting up the presents that night). I sat up in bed with him for hours listening for reindeer hooves on the roof until he fell asleep. The next morning he was so excited and bounced out of bed to go see if Santa came. The memory still makes me really happy. (Instagram) @theblondecoffeeaddict 🇦🇺

Emily wan — Dec 16, 2019

my favourite Christmas memory is from one of those white Christmas’ with my whole family when I was living in the uk. Now being in Australia it is completely different, we go to the beach on Christmas! And I haven’t had a family Christmas since then but we’re getting it this year and I couldn’t be more excited! 🇦🇺 @_emilywan (Instagram)

Jess Chau — Dec 16, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory was when my bf and I spend our first Christmas together binge watching Home Alone 🥰 🇦🇺
ig: chuberry_

Georgina Griffiths — Dec 16, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is from last year. My partner and I spent our Christmas in Australia relaxing on a beach with friends and family and threw some shrimps on the barbie! I was so lucky to be able to experience a sunny Christmas and can’t wait to do it again this year now that I have my collection of lounge swim bikinis! (Instagram @georginamimi ) 🇬🇧

Vanessa Sibley — Dec 16, 2019

My favourite Christmas memory is when my family and I went out on a house boat and my uncle got us stuck in the middle of nowhere. We all had to climb out the window because the door was backed up onto a massive rock wall. VanessaZoe18 (Instagram) 🇦🇺

Saskia Simmers — Dec 16, 2019

Our favourite Christmas memory is watching The Tweenies The Christmas present and believing in Santa :). Instagram @saskiasimmers 🇳🇿(NZ)

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