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Top 5 Stay-Home Bank Holiday Plans

Aug 25, 2016

Everyone loves a cuddle!

& cuddles in Lounge underwear are the one!
Bank Holidays can be spent so many different ways. Lots of us love to hit the town, get dressed up and spend our payday cash, and others of us love to chill, have that much needed me time and spend the long weekend in comfort with our favourite people.
For us at Lounge Underwear - it's the latter of the two! So here are our top 5 Stay-Home Bank Holiday Plans...
Cold, bleak and rainy... some nights, you just can’t be bothered leaving the house -- even for a bank holiday boozer. So, in honour of lazy days and cosy nights in, we give you our top 5 stay-home ideas for your bank holiday weekend...
1. A Netflix Binge
It's time to watch your favourite boxsets back to back all weekend long. You've got a whole extra day this weekend to fit in something new - something you've never watched before. Think outside the box and try something new on Netflix and get hooked! Sofa, icecream and Netflix - weekend made!
2. Bake!
Great British Bake Off hit our screens again last night! So it's time to get inspired - dance around the kitchen in your underwear and treat yourself to a little uncooked cookie dough while making a mess in the kitchen. Bake all Friday night and spend the rest of the weekend enjoying your masterpieces.
3. Catch up with old friends with a large glass of wine or a nice steaming pot of tea...
It’s hard. We're all buried all week under a heap of work and, aside from the occasional what's app, you don’t get to really have a good conversation with anyone other than your boss all week long. This bank holiday get the girls together and have a night in with facemarks, nail painting and chocolate.
4. Sleep in!
The beauty of a bank holiday weekend is knowing that you have that extra 24 hours to do whatever the hell you like. It is too often that on a weekend we have to cram in all the chores we didn't get around to doing in the week, and guess what... that much needed lie-in never ever happens. Well, this weekend it's your chance to get into that much desired bed of yours and stay in there for a little longer that normal!
5. Have a little self pamper and treat yourself
Treat your body and mind to some much needed self indulgence. Have a long bath, exfoliate, moisturise, stick your Lounge pants on, pluck your eyebrows, mask your hair - the lot. Then binge all day and night on some celebrity gossip and cuddle up with the dog or puddycat on the sofa under a fluffy blanket with your favourite film.
Some may call it boring, others may say you're lazy - we call it Lounging... something we all need to treat ourselves to when we finally find some free time.
So no matter who you're having a snuggle with this weekend, make it comfortable in Lounge.
This bank holiday you need Lounge underwear to bring a little comfort into your cuddles. There is nothing better than a little jersey-cotton heaven against your skin, no irritating underwires, no uncomfortable labels... just soft, stretchy underwear you can barely feel you're wearing.
So, whether you're having a night in with the besty, a day being a mummy with your baby, maybe you're spending a day on the sofa with your favourite fluffy friend, or a Netflix and chill with your man - Lounge underwear is the comfort made sexy that you need this bank holiday weekend! It's not too late to get your favourite set ordered!
Send us your Lounge Selfies of you and your partner in crime snuggling up this bank holiday weekend and feature on the Lounge Underwear Instagram! @loungeunderwear

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