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How To Spend Christmas | Our Top Tips

Dec 24, 2019

Here at Lounge, we love Christmas.

In fact, we love it so much we were playing Christmas songs in HQ before it hit December.

We’re not sorry. 

So, we’ve compiled a little list of top tips for the big day. 

We just couldn’t help ourselves. 

Don’t Peak Too Early 

Look, we’re not judging.

We all love a little Christmas tipple, and those morning mimosas are just too yummy to say no to…

But, try not to peak too soon. We imagine your mum would not appreciate gravy being thrown around her dinner table…

We Know We’re Old Now, But Get Up Early… 

Christmas is the day in which you wake up ridiculously early. 

You have to, it’s written in the Christmas rules. 

So, wake up at 7am, and also wake up the entire household… you can’t open your presents on your own now, can you!?

This applies to you whether you’re 4 or 40, just FYI…

Say Thank You (Manners Cost Nothing)

We can guarantee there’s one or two people in your household who work ridiculously hard to make Christmas as special as possible. Say thank you

Your happiness means more to them than any present you buy, and they deserve to know how much you appreciate and love them. Be sure to tell them. It is Christmas after all… 

Don’t Take Anything For Granted 

Remember, Christmas is an incredibly special time, and there are those in the world who may never experience the wonderful day you will.

Take a little bit of time to think and reflect. You’re so lucky. Don’t forget it.

Spread ALL The Love & Joy

It’s Christmas! We expect smiling faces ALL. DAY. LONG.

Bring the love to your house and spread it! Hugs for everyone! 

Especially the dog…

We hope you enjoy our tips and have the most magical Christmas! 

So much love from all of us here at Lounge.


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