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It’s time to quit day dreaming about that infamous Comfort Made Sexy…  No more lounging around, let’s find your perfect Lounge Fit.

Girls, we’ve done everything we can to make measuring up as simple and easy for you as possible. You can now find your fit in less than 60 seconds.

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Let's talk boobs! How well do you know yours!?

Oct 06, 2019


... a mission to ensure that our Female Family around the world know the importance of checking their breasts and getting to know their body.

We’ve all got lumps and bumps and honestly, most of them are harmless.

In order to recognise if something’s not quite right, you’ve got to truly know what your normal feels like! Our bodies go through a lot of changes – our hormones change our mood, yes, but our body too - so the best place to start is to get to know your rhythm, find what feels comfortable for you and take some me-time out of your day to look after number one. Yes - you too boys!

If you’ve never checked your breasts before, today is certainly a good place to start. Take some time to get to grips with your body and then, make it part of your routine. It’s suggested that you should check your boobs at least once a month.

Why not do it in the shower, or when you’re getting changed? Or even every time you put on your Pink Lounge Thong. Setting a reminder on your phone is a great way to make sure you’re keeping on top of it.

Knowing what to expect when you’re checking your boobs is where it all begins, so that if you do feel something unexpected, you’ll know what the ‘unexpected’ feels like.


As told by some of our incredible legends, and cancer survivors.

Why wait a minute longer!?

Bras off, comfy pants on... whether this is the first time, or something you do regularly, it's always important to #FeelYourBreast.

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