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Lounge Swim | Behind the scenes

May 26, 2019


Let's give you all the insider info on our first ever Swim shoot... taking you on the ultimate island tour, introducing you to the models who joined us and revealing some behind the scenes footage with the beautiful piggys, iguanas and endless wildlife we greeted with Lounge Swim.


If you ever want the ultimate chilled out getaway, with the clearest water and whitest sands... well, Staniel Cay is 100% the place to go.

Taking Lounge Swim out to the Bahamas was absolutely key to our campaign. We ventured out to Pirate Beach, took the boat out to see the iguanas, the turtles and the infamous Pig Island. The beaches were quiet, peaceful and the perfect home to chill and bring our Comfort Made Sexy to life on the beach.



Who came over to the Bahamas with us!? 4 absolute stunners!

Steph Rayner, Mariama Diallo, Kara Jewell and Jocelyn Chew

What an epic group of women!


We brought these beauties over to the island to bring our Swim Collection to life.

The girls all LOVED the Swim and worked so well together to capture all the content we needed to show off the all intricacies of our new collection to our beautiful Female Family. You're in for a real treat!


We had the best time with the girls while exploring the island, and whilst the sand dunes were out of this world and the underwater cave had us all stunned... these chubby little guys may possibly have been the highlight of the trip for all of us.

Who knew pigs could swim!?

As we approached Pig Island, they were instantly a part of the crew. The pigs are made for the camera, they made several appearances within our campaign and had the girls in fits of laughter as they chased us around the beach and liked to stay close to anyone that had even a tiny bit of food.

What a life!

Lounge Swim | Pig Island

Other wildlife we found in the Bahamas included the iguanas... you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it, but hundreds of them live on a small island together, with a beautiful beach and the striking white rock face. The turtles were equally amazing, swimming around with a little puffa fish friend - we could barely believe our eyes. And not forgetting the nurse sharks - chilling around the harbour and sunbathing in shallow waters. 

If you ever have the opportunity to head over to the Bahamas, definitely go meet all of our amazing new friends, you wont regret it!


We can't wait to show you more, and reveal more of the beauty we found on the islands. But until then, head over the @loungeswim for more collection details,

& get ready to join the wave...


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