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Lounging in Miami with @bethansowerbyy

Jul 16, 2019

Our British babe owned the runway and we fell in love with her a little bit more...

We didn't even realise that was possible!
The beautiful instagram model of the moment @bethansowerbyy, was our first confirmation for Miami Swim Week. We've been besties with Bethan for a while now, and when we committed to Miami Swim, she was the first person we called. 
We knew it was of dream of hers - so we were totally dedicated to making it real for her, and my god she did us proud!
After the runway, we ran backstage with Bethan for a quick EEEEEEEE! We danced around in about a million circles, pretending we could walk as well as she could and taking a million pictures to capture the insane moment of adrenaline we were all feeling. A bunch of British people in the middle of Miami, totally high on life. It was a moment we'll never forget.
And while we were there - we took a few minutes to come back down to earth and capture how Bethan was feeling in actual words...
Lounging with Bethan Sowerby
Explain how you felt when you found out you were officially walking at Miami Swim Week this year with Lounge...
I actually cried when I found out I was walking Swim Week. Miami Swim Week was such a huge goal of mine and Lounge hold such a big place in my heart too. So I was over the moon to be walking Swim Week but also for a brand I love!
What are your tactics to get yourself prepped and ready to walk the runway?
Practise my walk/poses leading up to the show in front of a mirror and on camera, healthy eating and channeling a positive mindset (which wasn’t difficult as I was ridiculously excited about the whole thing).
When you tried on your Lounge Swim, how did it make you feel?
Wearing Lounge Swim made me feel comfortable, confident and sassy. I was ready to hit that runway, I felt super proud to wear Lounge! 🖤
What went through your head as you were walking?
I really wanted to embrace the moment and take in every second. I felt so appreciative of the opportunity I had been given. I just thought “OWN IT” It was the most amazing feeling, strutting down the runway. The bright lights, music, audience and vibe were so up beat, I absolutely loved it. I was in my element.
Who or what has inspired the way you walk the runway?
Leading up to the show I watched catwalk shows like Miami Swim Week from past years, this gave me major inspiration and helped me figure out what vibe I wanted to give whilst walking. I wanted to be strong, powerful but oozing happiness at the same time. The moment really takes over you. The adrenaline pumps through your body and I felt like I just had this energy running through my body. I wasn’t actually as nervous as I imagined!!!
What's one piece of advise you've been given that'll keep you cool and confident at the show?
Lounge with Bethan

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