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Recuperate & Recharge This Weekend

Jan 03, 2020

You’ve just got through your first week of January - congratulations!

We imagine your New Year’s Eve hangover has officially left the building by now (if it has not… we are so sorry), and we feel as though this weekend requires a little bit of ‘me’ time. 

It’s time to get back on track, and get ready to take on the New Year! Or at least your first full week back at work. Don’t worry, we understand. 

So, first things first, let’s do some damage limitations…

If your Christmas and New Year was anything like ours, it revolved around alcohol and delicious food (we are not sorry), but unfortunately, this can have a slightly damaging effect on our skin, and our bodies. 

So, this weekend is all about the good stuff! 

Girls, when you get home today, remove that makeup and keep it off all weekend! It’s time to go bare faced for the next few days - let your skin breathe! 

We recommend face masks, exfoliators, lots of moisturiser, and eye cream (let’s get rid of those tired eyes). In fact, why not invite your girlfriends round for a pamper party? Don’t forget our invite, please…

Now, your body may still be feeling the effects from copious amounts of cheese, meat and alcohol, so now is the time to bring it out of the food coma you’ve so gently lulled it into. Have an alcohol-free weekend and eat the rainbow! You’ll feel better in no time.

As much as we love to snuggle up by the fire, we suggest heading outside for a quick walk to blow off those cobwebs. If you’ve got a little friend to take along with you (the furry kind), we know they’ll appreciate the walk. Your makeup-free face will love the fresh air and those good endorphins will soon show their face thanks to the exercise. 

We are aware that after the holidays you may be a little low on funds - which is completely normal after this very expensive period. Which means… it’s time to do what we do best and spend the weekend at home! We’re talking Netflix, naps, and copious amounts of tea. We also suggest the odd chocolate biscuit too… we can’t help ourselves, sorry. 

This weekend is all about you and what you need. If you want to spend your days lounging around and watching every film possible, we say go for it! Take a little time to reflect on last year and how far you have come. 

Look at 2020 and all its possibilities. 

Remember, there is so much to come. 

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