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The Only Movie List You Need This Christmas

Dec 12, 2019

Close the curtains. Turn off the lights. Grab your besties. Put on your cosiest Lounge comfies. 
It’s time.

It’s time for a Christmas movie marathon, and we are SO. READY.
We have compiled a list of some Christmas greats - so you don’t have to think about anything other than what snacks to get… (crisps and dip, always…)
So, sit back, relax, and get ready to become an actual part of your sofa. 

Home Alone

When Kevin’s family go away for the holidays and he is accidentally forgotten, he is forced to protect the house from two blundering thieves…
This one gives us all the nostalgic feels. 

Love Actually

Following the lives of different characters, each storyline cleverly intertwines with another, and gives you a quintessentially English Christmas movie that has everything you need, and a little more.
We will never, ever forgive Alan Rickman’s character for buying that stupid gold necklace…

The Holiday 

Jude Law… that’s it. That’s all we have to say about this.
Just kidding.
A little like Love Actually, this film follows the lives of two women who exchange their homes (and pretty much everything else) for the Christmas holidays. It’s a feel-good, time-to-forget -about-your-no-good-ex, type movie. Girl power


If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, we’re not entirely sure what will…

Buddy is raised in the North Pole by elves and goes on the hunt for his biological father in New York City. 

By the end of this film you’ll be calling everyone a cotton headed ninny muggins…

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A cute dog, a cute little girl, lots of laughs… what more could you want?

The Grinch not only hates Christmas, but also the people of Whoville. Enter Cindy Lou: a six-year-old girl, who sets out to reform the Grinch and his hateful outlook…

*For Gossip Girl Fans: you may recognise Jenny Humphrey as Cindy Lou*

Bridget Jones
(all three, please)

It’s a Christmas movie, without really being a Christmas movie…

Bridget Jones is just your average single girl making her way through life, whilst looking for love, and a decent job. The awful Christmas jumpers and her infamous knickers (we hold nothing against them), are really just a bonus during this laugh-out-loud comedy. 

It’s A Wonderful Life

An oldie, but a serious goodie.

When life almost becomes too much, George Bailey is visited by his guardian angel and let’s just say, it’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but a feel-good movie all the same.

So, there you have it! Six reasons not to move for a good few days. As if you needed an excuse anyway - it’s Christmas after all! 

Ah, what a night we have in store!

Sit back, relax… let’s lounge this Christmas away together.

Do you have one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below! 

Happy viewing, Loungers x

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