10th April 2015

"Drawing sketches, shouting out names and building our plans for how the brand could launch… we always knew it was going to be something big."

Lounge was the dream of a young couple. The brand was born in their lounge in the West Midlands. It’s hard to think of a more appropriate place for the birth of a brand built around comfort.

7th May 2015

"We brought our sketches to life."

With no real design or fashion experience, the couple found a local seamstress to work on the first pattern of the Triangle design, who then went on to create the first sample.

Both take pride of place on our office wall, to remind us where it all began.

15th June 2015

"We put £1,000 together and took the leap."

Every individual component needed for the Triangle Set was sourced from around the world. Everything from the Lounge banner and cotton fabrications, to the bra straps and metal attachments… a supplier was found for every single piece and deliveries started to come together in the living room.

29th August 2015

"I would love to know how many paper templates I drew around…"

The pattern templates were pinned to multiple pieces of cotton, drawn around with chalk and cut out one by one. Hours were spent working up all the necessary pieces to be sent to the first supplier, ready for bulk production.

11th October 2015

"I’ll never forget the first sale... sat together on the floor by the fire and looking up at each other and bursting into laughter. You know that feeling in your stomach!?"

The website launched with the Triangle Collection, and within a few moments - after the first ever Lounge influencer posted to announce it - the first order was placed. Shaunna Howard bought the White Triangle Bra & Thong.

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12th October 2015

"We bought an IKEA pigeon hole storage unit to house each design in each colour and before we knew it we had to move all of the sofas out and create proper pick spaces for each piece."

The lounge became a make-shift warehouse space and the neighbouring box room became the official office space.