25th January 2017

"We just knew that this design was going to become a staple long term for Lounge, a truly beautiful and feminine design."

The first underwired bra launched.

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27th January 2017

"We employed our first two Loungers. Interviewing them was so nerve racking and felt like a big risk after working as a pair for so long, but it was two of the best decisions we ever made."

The first two members of the Lounge Team were hired to help with influencer marketing, customer experience and warehouse management. Two young girls that were inspired then and still are now - both now thriving in the Influencer Marketing Team.

28th January 2017

"Ensuring that every lounger never spends a Sunday dreading a Monday, from day one our goal was to create a culture at Lounge like no other, a true family!"

With the introduction of new loungers in the office, the couple’s puppy Pip officially took the title of Head of Staff Happiness, winning over the girls with her ginger curls and wagging tail.

11th May 2017

"Something sexier…"

Lounge Intimates became the third arm to the brand.

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31st August 2017

"As a core market and a focus of ours, we knew this would be a perfect opportunity to cater to our US customers."

US-specific website launches to cater for the expanding global reach.

14th October 2017

"I knew that unless we took the risk, I’d be stunting the growth of something amazing…"

A 3 year lease agreement of the first unit was cut short much sooner than expected, and the home of Lounge was moved again into a space 3 times bigger.