8th March 2020

“Seeing all of these incredible women come together and celebrate their bodies was so inspiring!”

International Women’s Day brought to life Lounge’s #MyBoobsMyBody campaign… a moment where the brand made a real statement to celebrate a truly diverse and amazing group of women.

22nd March 2020

“I’ll never forget the moment it really set in stone that Covid-19 was seriously going to impact our business. With our Birthday Sale plans just around the corner, reliance on overseas suppliers and a culture that relied on togetherness to flourish, it was a pretty scary time to say the least… but my god did our team do us proud. The rate of scale and growth we experienced was unheard of!”

The moment the business, and the world, could never have expected... Coronavirus ensured the business had to think faster than ever before, to protect their team and the crucial brand plans that were in the pipeline. Covid-19 saw some big decisions being made, with Loungers being asked to work from home, distribution needing some serious crisis management and staff needing reassurance that at-home working wouldn’t change the family vibe they experience at HQ. Lounge adapted fast, rode the wave with strength and confidence, and saw unprecedented growth throughout a time where Lounging at home in comfort had never felt more important to their community.

24th March 2020

“We marked our 4th Birthday as a brand with a huge sale to celebrate this monumental moment with our community… nothing - not even Covid-19 - could stop us from bringing our family a reason to celebrate, and celebrate BIG!”

This Birthday Sale was definitely a poignant moment for the brand, with traffic and sales storming past any expectations and blowing 2019’s Black Friday experience out of the water.

4th June 2020

“We stood together with our community and launched the #PeopleMadeChange campaign, handing over our platform to black members of our Female Family to share important black stories that we all need to hear and grow from.”

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement shook the world. The support shown was phenomenal, proving once again that the Lounge Female Family is truly one of a kind.

5th August 2020

“Our first million pound hour… a feeling we’ll never forget!”

National Underwear Day saw Lounge surprising their community with a 24 hour sale to celebrate all things comfy-cosy. The gravity of the celebration, as always, completely outdid any forecasts made. A truly monumental moment for the business, showing the strength and devotion of their Female Family.

20th August 2020

“We’re dedicated to uplifting our community and ensuring they feel supported and confident in who they are… this campaign really set that in stone for us…”

Lounge launched their #RedefineNormal campaign to celebrate the beauty of women and empower their community. The overwhelming support for this campaign message shone through as their Female Family instantly connected with the concept.

10th September 2020

“We knew that to be the biggest underwear brand in the world, we had to begin making some serious steps and one hell of a statement in how seriously we take sustainability as a company. It was time to share our Lounge Ethos plans and what was already in the making…”

The Lounge Ethos was brought to life through the brands first sustainable Bamboo Collection, big plans were mapped out and even bigger promises were made to ‘Mother Nature’.

Head to their Lounge Ethos now to learn more

30th September 2020

“The realisation that throughout a worldwide pandemic we had grown 345% year on year, recruited 20+ incredible new Loungers since the beginning of the financial year, launched our beautiful new Knitwear Collection amongst so many other beautiful new collections - whilst also keeping stock levels consistent for our community… well it’s safe to say we felt pretty proud of what we’d achieved.”

Lounge thrived throughout the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, nothing could stop their growth, whilst the team scaled like never before with a new staff count of 69.

1st October 2020

“We brought back our #FeelYourBreast movement with what was a complete step up for our community and for the cancer community. It was time to raise awareness in a BIG way, with huge donations goals and so many exciting concepts to inspire our family. An incredibly proud moment for all of us!”

Lounge did it again! And bigger than ever before… 50,000 FREE Thongs & Guides sold out in under 4 hours, hundreds of thousands of people were reached, and awareness was raised for breast cancer like never before! With the Birmingham Bull dressed in pink and charity partners utterly stunned by their total donation count of £104,837, we are so proud of how our Loungers pulled together to make this an incredible campaign!